“It is one thing to have a lot of diversity in a workplace, but it is entirely another to actually activate the beauty and power of differences, to create better decisions and solutions.”

What we find with most businesses these days is that they think they have done their part for society and their community by introducing ‘diversity’ into their businesses, however their definition of ‘diversity’ being ‘follow the standard procedures to include people from different walks of life and backgrounds.’ Doesn’t quite cut it. Yes, this is definitely a great step in the right direction however businesses should not just stop there. If you do not know how to align this with inclusivity, then diversity will not make that much difference.

This is where businesses needs to think smart and not hard!

It’s about utilising and leveraging the mix of people and working to their strengths. What are your employees there for? To work for you right? To do the hard work? So let them decide!

Diversity vs Inclusivity

Inclusivity isn’t just including a mix of people but instead playing to these strengths and coming to a mutual understanding of what best works for them AND the business. If you figure this out, you will relish from a highly motivated, effective and most importantly high performing team that bring back a Return On Investment. Not only does this improve the business structure and function however acts as a tool to attract new talent to the business.

Diverse and inclusive companies promote creativity, are more adaptable to changing business landscapes, and attract new employees who also value these characteristics.

So how?

Create a working environment that promotes progression!

Inclusive working environments encourage diversity and creativity. When your team feel like they can relax and feel comfortable in your presence you will notice their true authentic self and what they really offer to the business. We all know that business is about working to your strengths, capitalising your talent (product/service) whilst building the economy. What better way to build the economy than build the people within it!

Companies that adopt inclusivity and diversity are more creative, adaptable, innovative and attract additional talent interested in working in such an environment.

Have you ever heard the saying ‘You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with’? Considering that most people working full time, 9AM-5PM, 40 hour weeks spend more time with their work colleagues than their own family?. This alone should be enough to show the benefits and advantages of creating an inclusive space that manifests progression and productivity. So deep this!

The biggest by product of employee engagement is business productivity, but how do you achieve this?

5 ways to create an inclusive working environment

  1. Engage everyone! – What’s more important is making sure that everyone is on the same page. Understanding is a great force and as long as your employees are not kept in the dark and understand their purpose (their why) and what they are doing thus will transform the attitudes and mindset of the employees. If you are a CEO, what involvement do you have with your team? It’s about being a mentor and not a boss. Let them feel free and comfortable and you will see a difference in your productivity instantly. “Ultimately, every person at work wants to be fully seen in order to do their highest quality and best work. Being seen means being seen for the ways we are different and the ways we are the same,”
  2. Allow your team to feel comfortable being themselves! Leadership should feel comfortable, connecting on an appropriate personal level with your team.
  3. Gain an understanding – for this to work, we need to ensure that all your staff are on board. Company leaders, Directors, HR Managers this is for you! Work from your bottom line up. To fully create an inclusive environment, it is imperative that everyone respects and embraces differences. This goes from the simplest of things from changing the way in which you speak to a team member to the way you behave. Make sure your company morals and values serve you! And the way to do this, is by having a zero tolerance around prejudice. Show your support to victims of intolerance and make sure that this is at the core of all business practice!
  4. Interact with different people… It’s only natural… employees working in a certain department will naturally spend more time with the employees in that department. This is easily done however a conscious effort needs to be made to involve all! Encourage employees to bounce ideas around and look outside the box. 9 times out of 10 you will find that more creativity and innovation is brought to the table when looking from a different perspective. Hold mind mapping!
  5. Access to opportunities – Your team want to be seen and heard. They want to be recognised and valued as part of your team and so by offering easy access to opportunities and a clear path for progression, clearly shows that they are worth the time, effort and money invested. Directors needs to look at staff as investments and not a commodity that can be replaced. Provide in house training, in turn, receive higher staff retention and loyalty.

If you’d like to achieve this and create an inclusive working environment, please contact the on team 01452 751 004 or email us at info@betaristraining.com to introduce work based training into your business for new and existing staff! You may be eligible for £1000 incentive and much more… find out now.