Well, as the looming BREXIT is around the corner, our clients are now wondering how this will affect their business and workforce!

Stockpiling has reached an all-time high in the logistics and storage industry with the capacity of warehouses overflowing and the increase in pressure to manage their stock and workers!

With the full support and backing of the government; their initiative of pushing apprenticeships has sparked conversation about introducing apprenticeships into the workplace but why?

Betaris Training Brexit Affect on Apprenticeships


  • To develop the current and future workforce of Team Leaders and Managers
  • Increase staff morale
  • Offer an in depth understanding of all procedures from compliance, finance to health & safety
  • Backing from the Government supporting businesses with funding
  • An alternative career pathway for workers
  • Increasing the skills set = increased productivity
  • Train their own talent with the exact skill set that businesses needs.



If you are a business with a strong career progression strategy and looking to invest into your business and workforce please visit our website https://betaristraining.com/apprenticeships/apprenticeships-offered/warehouse-storage/ or email jadelisseman@betaristraining.com to find out how apprenticeships and training can work for your business!