Inclusivity vs Diversity: The difference between success and failure


“It is one thing to have a lot of diversity in a workplace, but it is entirely another to actually activate the beauty and power of differences, to create better decisions and solutions.” What we find with most businesses these days is that they think they have done their part for society and their community by introducing ‘diversity’ into their businesses, however their definition of ‘diversity’ being ‘follow the standard procedures to include people from different walks of life and backgrounds.’ Doesn’t quite cut it. Yes, this is definitely a great step in the right direction however businesses should [...]

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How Can Small Businesses Benefits From Apprenticeships?


The UK’s Industry strategy 2018 highlights the significant benefit small firms have noticed since the apprenticeship reform in May 2017. They have reaped major benefits through the apprenticeship scheme and highly value the role of apprentices in their business. With the goal of 3 million new start apprenticeships by April 2020, the government are supporting SME’s now more than ever to grow apprenticeships in their organisation and support business objectives. Smaller businesses have always had a larger intake of apprentices, with SME’s contributing 99.3% towards all private sectors and a staggering 60% of all private sector employment. However, the unrealistic figure [...]

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