Rail Courses coming to Gloucestershire

We are super excited to announce in January we will be offering Rail engineering courses within Gloucestershire! This course is designed for the unemployed or  persons claiming low income benefits. The course equips leaners with the right skills and qualification to be able to gain employment within the Rail industry post completion of the course. The Course will be running from Dean Forest Railway, Lydney GL15 4ET For more information check out the information sheet below: RAIL OVERVIEW Get in touch today, places won't last long!

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SWAT Count Down!

SWAT Count Down - One week until our SWAT course starts! Our SWAT course is an alternative learning program for 16-18 year old who may have had barriers to traditional learning methods. The SWAT course offers an alternative learning environment, supporting learners to develop core transferable skills! To learn more take a look at our SWAT course and contact us today.

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September’s Star!

Congratulations to Lucy our September Betaris Star! Lucy has worked tirelessly to set up a magnificent system and sorted out the production of portfolios! This is a huge job at Betaris making sure the correct portfolios and it's content get to our learners. A whooping 381 portfolios went out through August and September, massive thanks to Lucy for getting this done!  

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What a Pair of Stars!

August Stars! Congratulations to Matt and Allan who were awarded the Betaris August Stars! They both worked tirelessly to prepare the office for the teams arrival back. They  “cleared out” and “put up” all covid protection to ensure the team were able to return to work in a safe environment!  We have notices/hand gel/screens/dispensers. They have done a brilliant job and we send them massive thanks. Congratulation guys...We couldn't have given a star to one half of the bromance!  

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Bury on Track for Success!

After what had been a very tough few months it was great to see one of our rail course back on track! Many of the learners are re-training after losing jobs due to the coronavirus pandemic. Our learners have been learning a variety of classroom based and practical skills to set them up on the right track to pursue a career in the rail and track maintenance on finishing their course. Well done guys! Keep up the good work!

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February’s Betaris Star

Our February Employee Star of the month goes to… Congratulations to Samm Conforti, our SWAT (Serious Abut Work and Training) Teaching Assistant . Our SWAT initiative is a full time learning programme for learners who have had barriers to learning. Director, Louise Lisseman and Director Of Education Vanessa Pollok  has nominated Sammas the Betaris Star for February 2020; "Samm is one of the Teaching Assistants for SWAT. Her excellent work and contribution to the team was praised by the OFSTED Inspector in the Mock Inspection. Well done Sam and thank you for your hard work that is really making a difference to our learners!" [...]

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Apprentice of the Month: February

The winner of February's Apprentice of the month is.... Our Apprentice of the month for February goes to Claire Barratt at Wincanton! Claire Barratt at Worksop, completing a Level 3 Business Administration Apprenticeship . She continues to work at a very high level, producing answers that demonstrate a fantastic level of knowledge and ability to carry out research. On top of this, Claire has Dyslexia and is managing to complete the qualification without the need for coping strategies or additional support.     Not only has this done wonders for Claire's personal and professional development, she is becoming a great asset [...]

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Inclusivity vs Diversity: The difference between success and failure

“It is one thing to have a lot of diversity in a workplace, but it is entirely another to actually activate the beauty and power of differences, to create better decisions and solutions.” What we find with most businesses these days is that they think they have done their part for society and their community by introducing ‘diversity’ into their businesses, however their definition of ‘diversity’ being ‘follow the standard procedures to include people from different walks of life and backgrounds.’ Doesn’t quite cut it. Yes, this is definitely a great step in the right direction however businesses should [...]

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Apprentice Star of the Month: January

Huge congratulations to Hannah King for achieving January's Betaris Star; recognised for her hard work and dedication to learning in completing her Level 2 Business Administration Qualification at Castle Hill Primary School. Hannah King, Level 2 Business Administration Apprentice at Castle Hill Primary School has obtained the Betaris Star for January.Hannah King has been recognised by the Betaris team and the Head Teacher Su Broadhurst as the Apprentice Star of the Month this January! Here is what Laurence, Hannah's assessor had to say: "Hannah has made an excellent start to her apprenticeship and has developed into a real valuable team member. [...]

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Say hello to Michelle

Please welcome our newest member of the team, Michelle! Michelle will be based in the business support office supporting the Business Admin & Sales teams with financing and general administration duties! Here are 3 things to know about Michelle:  Preach - "If we could all be kind the world would be a better place."   Pleasure - The little things in life;  Holidays, Friends and Family.   Passion - Making as many happy memories with my son.   It’s a Brilliant Day Here At Betaris!

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