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Spend your Levy with us

If you are paying into the Levy pot make sure you get back out what is yours

The Apprentice Levy is designed to upskill your existing workforce and encourage recruitment of new Apprentices. If your pay bill is more than £3 Million annually, you will be paying into the Levy Pot at 0.5% each month.

 Your funding will be paid into your Government Account known as your DAS Account (Digital Apprenticeship Service) as digital vouchers. Your Levy ‘Pot’ can be spent on Apprenticeship training and assessment for EXISTING employees and new Apprentices. Betaris are an Approved Training Provider that you can spend your Levy with. Betaris offer two types of Apprenticeships, Framework Apprenticeships and Apprenticeship Standards, in various industries. A full list  of Apprenticeships we offer can be found here.

What happens if your pay bill is less than £3m?

There are certain employers who will be required to contribute towards the cost of their Apprenticeship training outside of the Levy system, such as those whose pay bill is less than £3m per tax year.

If your business fits this criteria, you will be required to contribute 10% of the total cost of the Apprenticeship training through a co-investment payment- the Government will pay the remaining 90%.

However, if you are a small company employing less than 50 employees this means your training is fully funded. This means you will not have to make the 10% contribution and training is fully funded. If you are a larger company with a payroll bill of £3 million and more you will be able to spend your levy with us.

Additional Funding for 16- 24 year olds

If you recruit a 16-18yr old Apprentice, you can receive a £1000 incentive from your Training Provider. This payment is made in two equal sums (£500) at month 3 and the end of the qualification.

Young adults aged 19-24 years old who have previously been in care or who have a local authority education, health and care plan may  receive additional funding which can be explained below:

Need More Advice?

If you need any help understanding how to spend your Levy or funding options please do not hesitate to contact us using the contact form below and we will advise what is right for your business. Alternatively call us on 01452 751004

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“Lesley has been very helpful and supportive she has encouraged me and with my progress”

Hannah, Business Administrator Apprenticeship

“There was always someone to ask if I wasn’t sure on something, my assessor was very easy to approach”

Emma, Business Administrator Level 3, Apprenticeship

 “I was constantly kept up to date with when my next meeting was and when my work was due”

Tom, Sales Level 2, Apprenticeship

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