Employing an Apprentice

Employing an Apprentice may mean employing someone new or upskilling existing employees in your specific industry.

Apprenticeships are a combination of both training and learning around the employer’s needs. Most of the training is ‘on the job’ at the employer’s premises with the learning aspect being delivered by Betaris Training. There is a 20% element that will be ‘off the job’ learning, this may include, online training, role play, shadowing and industry visits. However this is fitted into the programme to suit employer’s needs. 

We offer Apprenticeships across Gloucestershire and throughout the whole of England. Apprenticeships are offered to anyone aged 16 years and over and they can be started at any time throughout the year. 

The time scale of the Apprenticeship depends on what qualification and level the Apprentice is working at, however generally take between 12 – 24 months.

The Apprenticeship Programme

Typical example of how an Apprenticeship programme will work with Betaris

Typical Apprenticeship flow

What are the benefits of employing/upskilling an Apprentice?

  • Apprenticeships provide skilled new workers and upskill existing workers bespoke to your business
    Taking on an Apprentice or choosing to upskill your existing employees within your company ensures you are building a workforce personally developed to your businesses needs.

  • Apprenticeships increase company profits
    Employing an Apprentice has financial benefits.

  • Apprenticeships increase staff retention and morale
    Training Apprentices in house has proven to boost staff retention and create highly motivated individuals committed to supporting the business and its needs.

  • Apprenticeships free up your workforce’s time
    Having an Apprentice frees up other members of your workforce time to concentrate on key tasks, delegating simpler tasks to the Apprentice should see an increase in productivity.

  • Apprentices can bring a new energy to your business
    Apprentices can bring new energy to the business or revitalise current employees. Often bringing an enthusiastic, fresh approach and the willingness to learn showing a positive dynamic which in turn can have a beneficial effect on existing staff.

  • Grants and funding available
    If you are a small company employing less than 50 employees this means your training is fully funded. This mean you will not have to make the 5% contribution and training is fully funded. If you are a larger company with a payroll bill of £3 million or more, you will be able to spend your Levy with us.

  • Spending Your Levy

    Spend your Levy – More infomation on spending your Levy

  • Job Specific Training
    This ensures that your employee is being trained in role specific duties, tailoring them to your business needs.

  • Learning whilst working
    This will give individuals the confidence and ability in carrying out their daily duties, which will keep staff motivated and morale high in taking on new challenges and roles in the business.


“I have noticed a positive improvement in Georgina’s quality of work and her ability to deal with difficult customers situations that may arise”

Jez Kirk-Smith , Warehouse Manager

” The Business and Admin qualification has been easily adapted to suit our business”

Emma, Time Hairdressing

“Good timely communication, regarding process and change”

Anna , Infusion

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