Becoming an Apprentice

Become an Apprentice with on-the-job training where new knowledge, skills and behaviours are learned

Becoming an apprentice will  provide “On the Job” training where new knowledge, skills and behaviours are learned, this training is largely incorporated in your day to day work.

Friendly Trainers/Assessors will visit your workplace and carry out your learning around your workload. The support offered will equip you with knowledge and techniques to excel in an existing or new career.  There will be an element of your Apprenticeship where you will learn basic Maths and English skills, dependent on the current level you are working at. Your Apprenticeship will run at your own pace and usually lasts between 12 months – 24 months. There is a 20% element which will be ‘off the job’ training, this is learning that is completed outside of your normal working environment for example; online training, role play, shadowing, industry and more.

The components that make up your apprenticeship

Apprenticeship Components

What are the Benefits of being an Apprentice?

  • Earning while you learn
    You will be paid at least the minimum wage
  • Job Specific Training
    Working with experienced staff in a job specific environment, gaining specific knowledge techniques
  • Gaining Qualification
    Nationally recognised qualifications
  • Further Prospects
    Employers all over the country recognise and value Apprentices, as they show that you have been trained in the specific skill set. Apprenticeships are also recognised by universities, if you are wishing to carry out higher education.

Eligibility to enrol onto an Apprenticeship with Betaris

  • Contracted Employment
  • Aged 16 years or over

  • Work full time (30 plus hour per week)
  • The right to work in the UK – providing national insurance number
  • Not enrolled in any other form of education training programme
  • If you have a high level of qualification already, Apprenticeship must lead to substansive new skill
    Please contact us for further details

Apprenticeships we offer


“Was very happy with and satisfied with my assessor throughout the year. Trainers were always willing to help and make the learning comfortable and relaxed”

Ryan , Manor by the Lake

“The assessors have been very supportive to all the learners a flexible approach to assist with all learner needs”

Monika , Ashmolean Museum

“Nicky was great at flexing her time to accommodate the learners. Ian and Lesley have been great and flexible with their approach”

Katrina , Creeds

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Nationally Recognised Qualifications From Betaris Training