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Apprentice of the Month: November


The winner of Novembers Apprentice of the month is.... Our Apprentice of the month for November goes to Keira Lambert, working alongside Will Pateman, Operations Manager of Flo-vent Limited! Keira joined Flo-vent in Early October as a budding Business Administrator, enrolling onto a Level 3 Business Administration Apprenticeship . She has shown her hand and got involved in all tasks even taking over their social media platform. Keira has proven to be a valuable asset to the team especially at such a busy time for Flo-vent. She has been instrumental in the implementation of new processes and procedures within the company. [...]

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How Can Small Businesses Benefits From Apprenticeships?


The UK’s Industry strategy 2018 highlights the significant benefit small firms have noticed since the apprenticeship reform in May 2017. They have reaped major benefits through the apprenticeship scheme and highly value the role of apprentices in their business. With the goal of 3 million new start apprenticeships by April 2020, the government are supporting SME’s now more than ever to grow apprenticeships in their organisation and support business objectives. Smaller businesses have always had a larger intake of apprentices, with SME’s contributing 99.3% towards all private sectors and a staggering 60% of all private sector employment. However, the unrealistic figure [...]

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October’s Betaris Star


Our October Employee Star of the month goes to… Congratulations to Aisha, our Sales and Marketing Executive. Director, Louise Lisseman has nominated Aisha as the Betaris Star for October 2019. "She has increased our website followers and has worked enthusiastically on so many unseen projects. She has improved and increased our online presence and worked very hard our our website and social media updates that have increased our traffic significantly. Not only has she been behind the scenes helping to maintain our online presence Aisha has taken full responsibility of our RECRUIT service, providing a vigorous service that has helped to [...]

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Apprentice Star of the Month: October


Huge congratulations to Megan Hale showing her resilience, motivation and dedication to completing her apprenticeship. Megan is on track to completing her Business Administration Apprenticeship with Gloucestershire City Council Huge congratulations to Megan Hale for achieving the Betaris Apprentice Star of the Month Megan Hale has been recognised by the Betaris team and her Assessor Lesley as the Apprentice Star of the Month this October! Here is what Lesley, megan's assessor had to say: " An exceptional and dedicated apprentice who has gained recognition and a permanent post which she richly deserves and has embraced challenges, gaining skills and [...]

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How will Brexit Affect your Logistics & Storage Business?


Well, as the looming BREXIT is around the corner, our clients are now wondering how this will affect their business and workforce! Stockpiling has reached an all-time high in the logistics and storage industry with the capacity of warehouses overflowing and the increase in pressure to manage their stock and workers! With the full support and backing of the government; their initiative of pushing apprenticeships has sparked conversation about introducing apprenticeships into the workplace but why?   To develop the current and future workforce of Team Leaders and Managers Increase staff morale Offer an in depth understanding of all procedures from [...]

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Happy 1 year Anniversary Chelsea


Huge thanks to Chelsea for another year of excellence! Happy 1 year anniversary! Chelsea has now reached her 1 year benchmark as our HR Officer. The team are very grateful for the dedication you put into your work and your contagious enthusiasm.. From all of us… happy anniversary! The Betaris team would not be the same without you!   

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Apprentice Star of the Month: September


Huge congratulations to Michael Newman  on track to completing his Supply Chain Warehouse Operative Apprenticeship at Direct Online Services with us! Michael Newman has been recognised by the Betaris team and his Functional Skills Assessor Laurence as the Apprentice Star of the Month this September! Michael Newman's certificate presentation with HR manager Jackie Trigg   Laurence, Michael’s Functional Skills Assessor,  has nominated him for "his motivation, attitude to learning and efforts to achieve in his Functional skills." Michael Newman with his Functional Skills Assessor Laurence Well done!

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September Betaris’ Star


Our Septembers Employee Star of the month goes to... Ryan our Digital Marketing Apprentice. Ryan joined us for just a few months to complete his apprenticeship. He has worked hard and been willing to undertake all tasks requested of him – even making the tea! Ryan leaves us on  11th October 2019 and we wish him good luck for the future. "Ryan has worked really hard supporting the Sales and Business Support teams during his 3 months with us whilst completing his Apprenticeship. He has done some great design work for us and has been willing to undertake tasks out of [...]

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Say Hello to Lorna


Please welcome our newest member of the team, Lorna! Here are 3 things to know about Lorna :    Preach – Happiness can be found in the darkest of times if only one remembers to turn on the light.   Pleasure – Looking after my family.   Passion – Cleaning and Summer BBQ’s with family and friends.   It’s a Brilliant Day Here At Betaris!    

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Say Hello to Sylvia


As the company grows so does the team! Please give a warm welcome to our newest member of the team, Sylvia! Sylvia is joining the team as our new Contracts Manager.  She will be managing the Adult Education Budget (AEB) for our  London and Manchester contracts. Here are 3 things to know about Sylvia :  Preach -  Treat others the way you like to be treated Passion - Family Pleasure - Socialising, Cooking, Travel/Holidays, Badminton   It's a Brilliant Day Here At Betaris!  

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