Functional Skills

Functional Skills are practical skills in English, Mathematics and ICT that allow individuals to operate confidently, effectively and independently in life and in work. Functional Skills are not just about knowledge in English, Maths and ICT. They are also about knowing when and how to use the knowledge in real life situations.

Functional Skills in Apprenticeships give learners the opportunity to develop, practise and apply skills in meaningful workplace contexts. They will also help meet the needs of business for an increasingly skilled workforce. Up to three Functional Skills are included in an Apprenticeship, depending on what Apprenticeship you are undertaking.

Functional English: Apprentices will be able to communicate more effectively and accurately (both verbally and in writing) with colleagues and customers. They will be able to ask the right questions, and get the right messages across.

Functional Mathematics: Apprentices will be able to use mathematics in practical situations that are relevant for work. They will have the skills to tackle tasks like calculating discounts or VAT, or working out how much material they will need for a job.

Functional ICT: Apprentices will be able to find information on the
internet or a database, send emails, enter information onto a computer,and present information using word-processing or graphics programs.They will be able to keep pace with changes in technology.

One of the main reasons why Functional Skills are important in the workplace is that they are applied skills. They are used in real tasks to solve real problems.

Functional Skills are tools that enable people to:

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