Cleaning and Environmental Services

Apprenticeship Components

Competency Based Qualification Certificate in Cleaning and Support Services Skills Level 2
Knowledge Qualification (Technical Certificate) Certificate in Cleaning Principles Level 2
Functional Skills Functional Skills English level 1 and Functional Skills Maths Level 1
Employment Rights and Responsibilities

Personal, Learning and Thinking Skills

Certificate in Cleaning and Support Services Skills Level 2

This qualification is aimed at new entrants in the cleaning industry or at experienced workers who do not yet have a qualification recognised within the industry. This qualification is particularly appropriate for people whose role includes one or more of the following; the cleaning of building interiors and exteriors, highways and land, carpets and floors, food premises, passenger transport vehicles or caretaking.

The titles of the units are listed below:

Mandatory Units
Reduce Risks to Health and Safety in the Workplace
Communicate Effectively in the Workplace
Develop Yourself in Your Job Role
Work Individually and Follow Reporting Procedures in a Cleaning Environment
Work with Others and Follow Reporting Procedures


Optional Units – Your assessor will help you choose up to three units
Carry Out Maintenance and Minor Repairs
Clean Confined Spaces
Clean and Maintain Soft Floors and Furnishings
Clean Washrooms and Replenish Supplies
Clean Food Areas
Clean and Maintain Internal Surfaces and Areas
Clean and Maintain External Surfaces and Areas
Clean Glazed Surfaces and Façades
Work Safely at Heights
Deal with Routine Waste
Deal with Non-Routine Waste
Clean, Maintain and Protect Semi-Hard and Hard Floors

Level 2 Certificate in Cleaning Principles

This qualification makes up the knowledge based component of the Apprenticeship.

This qualification is achieved by externally set and marked multiple choice tests.

Dealing with Routine and Non-Routine Waste
Health and Safety for the Cleaning and Support Services Industry
Working with Customers and Others in the Cleaning and Support Services Industry


Optional Your assessor will help you choose one unit
Cleaning and Maintenance of External Surfaces and Areas
Cleaning of Confined Spaces
Cleaning of Food Areas
Cleaning of Glazed Surfaces and Facades 3
Cleaning of High Risk Areas (Controlled Environments)
Cleaning of Interiors and Washrooms 3
Maintenance and Minor Repairs of
Periodic Cleaning of Hard and Semi-Hard Floors
Periodic Cleaning of Soft Floors and Furnishings
Working Safely at Heights in the Cleaning and Support Services Industry
Internal Cleaning of Passenger Transport

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